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You Know who is Angela Ponce??

Ángela Maria Ponce Camacho (born Ángel Mario Ponce Camacho in 1991) is a Spanish model and beauty pageant titleholder who won Miss Universe Spain 2018. Ponce made history on 29 June 2018 as the first transgender woman to be crowned Miss Spain. She represented her country at Miss Universe 2018 as the first transgender contestant competing for the title. She did not advance to the finals.

Ponce entered and won the Miss World Cadiz 2015 title. Since she won that title, she represented Cadiz in Miss Universe Spain 2015. At that pageant, she was unplaced.On 29 June 2018, Ponce competed at the Miss Universe Spain 2018 pageant and won the title, becoming the first transgender woman to win the title. She represented Spain at the Miss Universe 2018 finals in Bangkok, in which she was unplaced.

She is the first transgender women to be crowned Miss Spain and be a constant in Miss Universe.
She was previously crowned  Miss World Cadiz 2015.

Monday, 6 August 2018

You Know About Marvia Malik ?

Marvia Malik 

Marvia Malik
 is a Pakistani Newsreader and media figure. She became the first openly transgender newsreader to appear on Pakistani television in 2018. Malik was born in Lahore in 1997 to a family of three siblings. She became estranged from her family later in life. While still with her family, she was able to complete her matriculation. As a child, she was bullied by her classmates in school. after leaving home, she took refuge with other trans women. She was determined to become a lawyer or a journalist her whole life.

She then applied for a position at Kohenoor News. Regarding the breakthrough with her becoming a news anchor, Marvia has stated that, "Our society treats transgender people shamefully, degrading them, denying them jobs, laughing at them and taunting them.I want to change that.

She worked as a makeup artist in order to fund her higher studies, before pursuing a career in mass media, graduating with a degree in the latter from Punjab University. She plans to follow through with higher studies.

She has previously modelled as well She has walked the runway for the Pakistan Fashion Design Council fashion week in Lahore, a job she got through students at the Lahore Grammar School.

In March 2018, Malik became the first openly transgender person to fill the role of newsreader on a Pakistani news broadcast.This occurrence attracted media attention.She is working with Kohenoor News "Azad Bhi Zimydar Bhi" the news channel helped her to groom in the field of journalism.

She is planning to advocate property rights for trans persons in Pakistan.She is also demanding reservation for trans persons in employment and in Parliament.She does not believe in the term "third gender".

Sunday, 15 July 2018

You Know About Rimal Ali ??

Rimal Ali is the first transgender Women that debut in a Pakistani movie ""Saat Din  Mohabbat "".


Bold, blunt, beautiful- that is Rimal Ali for you, if you know nothing about her you would have never noticed that she is not your average girl next door. Though she has strived to be one; physically at least. Rimal is Pakistan’s first transgender model who is willing to do whatever it takes to fit in. When I met her for the first time, I couldn’t help but sneak glances at her. She has an aura of talking, walking, moving and even sitting like a superstar. And why wouldn’t she? Struggling in the industry for almost 9 years she has finally made her name. For the right reasons or not? That’s for you to decide. With a degree from Punjab University, Rimal still went up for what she is most passionate about- dancing.

For her, it’s a catharsis, a form of art which should be given respect as much as the others. “When I dance, it feels like I’m opening my soul in the wind; it’s my passion and I’m not ashamed of it.” Dancing for a transgender is nothing new in Pakistan- but how she does it is what’s enticing. Rimal, no doubt has a very controversial online presence that is hard for an average Pakistani to accept but according to her, she portrays the real face of the society. She says if people can see bold scenes in Hollywood or Bollywood films then why not here. “Either stop making films in an Islamic country or if it’s a democracy, show the reality and the number of views on my videos portrays the true face of Pakistan.”


Rimal’s endeavor with Soch Band has been huge and we won’t lie, that is what actually caught our attention. “Is ishq na janay tenu ki keeta, hai dard bhi kamli, tu has k peeta. Is ishq wafa may tunay kya paya, hai apnay sath hi, dhoka keeta.” – these lyrics have especially been written for Rimal who is a childhood friend of the band members. It is rumored that Rimal fell for someone who didn’t accept her for being who she is; true or not- the lyrics have such a deep feel that anyone with a heartbreak can relate to them. This song had been planned years ago but they were afraid of society’s reaction- however,  it recently, surfaced the web and even caught attention of BBC World and Now This.

This is the reason why she wants everyone to like her to never hide or lie about their reality. “Come out of the darkness and the world WILL accept you. Just be bold and strong!” Rimal pleads to ‘regular’ people to accept them, as it is not their fault for being born this way. “What if a baby like us gets born in your house? Would you toss them away or raise them as they are? Spread the love; the world is already too full of hate.”

Monday, 18 June 2018

2018 Miss Transgender International Queen Participants

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Miss International Queen is the world's largest and most prestigious beauty pageant for transgender women from different parts of the world. It is held annually in Pattaya CityThailand since 2004.
The current Miss International Queen is Nguyen Huong Giang from Vietnam, who was crowned on 9 March 2018.

Crossdressing Thought

I'm Just guy who loves dressing like women. If You don't like that, then sorry I'm just being me.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Stop Gender Discrimination.

I'm a Boy I have to hide in the closet or face the fair of losing everything I Love!

Please Stop All Type of Gender Discrimination.

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